Charlie Hebdo will and should live on!

FRANCE-ATTACKS-CHARLIE-HEBDO-MEDIA-FRONTPAGEAll our friends who are Muslims are some of the nicest people we know. These are some of the most caring and down-to-earth people. They set examples in the community and we look forward to interacting with them. The recent appalling killings in France which yet again traces the killers back to the community. No one can deny acts of terrorism has a distinct, dominant profile among the perpetrators. The treatment of the Pakistani young girl and the massacre of 130+ in the country which consisted mainly of children are two of the latest examples. With all this, we still don’t see the Muslim community leaders having an agenda of eradicating the issue within the community. If they have, the results are less than unsatisfactory. To win back the confidence of the world’s public in general the community should gather all forces from governments to local leaders voicing their support against terrorism and implementing concrete steps and displaying concrete proof of progress. The rise of Islam’s link to terrorism in the past two decades reminds one of the great prophet Michel Nostradamus’s predictions of the religion being rooted out. Many question his predictions citing research. However the turn of events in the past two decades should provide a lot of ground to see concerted reprisals against the religion’s extremists. Either the extremism will be wiped out from within or from outside – time will tell.


  1. spot on Ashwini .
    Any system that doesn’t allow an introspection of its base , is always found to be in this dilemma. It had built a blind emotional attachment over the course of time and the folks around it intentionally dont want the general mass to get educated or seek the rationale. They indirectly become protectors of that God or prophet thinking that they are needed by God to protect the same God . Such an irony !!

    • Yes…a hard irony. All religions that I am aware of preach love, compassion and tolerance. If someone throws a stone at the Buddha, I can only imagine his response would be to smile knowing the thrower would realize his folly. A lack of such understanding and as you say, introspection, amongst the extremists is a core cause. Hatred only begets hatred – that shouldn’t be so hard to realize. All said, the extremists don’t have much to lose and such ‘detachment’ doesn’t help open their minds. When one realizes what it takes to build, they will think twice about destroying.

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