God, So much time and I can’t do anything!

life-internet-down-349x240I know I am at peace. I know He likes me and my spirit. Nothing else matters..

This week started with our Verizon FIOS service going down. When the tech came in, it was all okay. He went ahead and replaced the battery for some unit in the basement. Then within a few hours, the service was down again. The next tech came in after much delay to my frustration and he changed the power supply and the main box outside and everything was fine. But a few hours later, there was no internet or other service!! I got up early and couldn’t connect, so I was on the phone with Verizon at 6 AM and got a service request in. Luckily the tech came right around 8:30 AM. I mentioned that there could be a problem at the pole. He confirmed that was the case as he could see the signal weak coming into the house. He left the home with everything good. But then again, the internet was down. I started to suspect the North Koreans behind this bizarre behavior. I picked up the phone and called the FBI. They assured me that there wasn’t anything goofy going on in our area and mentioned they would be happy to provide Kim Jong Un’s contact, but I decided against pursing the case. Luckily the Verizon tech was still on the driveway and I ran up to him and mentioned the problem. He said the router/box could be rebooting which it normally does after the work he does. True enough, the light on the router light up green and stayed solid after some time.

With our TV also conking out just a week back, suddenly I realized I had so much time. I couldn’t watch the Championship games, no Downton Abbey nor the State of the Union speech. Eating dinner was almost impossible. Normally I would finish my dinner in less than 15 minutes while watching TV. Now, eating was so boring I realized I had started eating less. This had its benefits. Specifically on the weighing scale I could see it. But what do you do between after-dinner and bed time. It was a long time since I took up a book in hand to read for any significant amount of time. Granted, I would read the Game of Thrones on the Kindle every night before going to bed. This had become a habit for the past two month. Forget the fact that I advocate reading something spiritual or practicing Focused Breathing before going to sleep. It is easy to preach something and practice another thing totally 🙂 With the TV and internet, time was so much easier to spend. Think of those old days when you were a young boy/girl and you would have so much fun that you didn’t notice time passing by at all. Such was the case with the TV and internet. Now, all the time that was available and I couldn’t think of doing anything but waiting till these were fixed!! I tried to ring up a friend or two and talk, but felt it was a drain in a matter of minutes. If you don’t keep up with friends and pick the phone one day and want to spend your time talking to him or her, that won’t carry well enough. That’s what I learnt. Within a matter of minutes, I was back to fending for myself!

Luckily these days with smartphones and gigabytes of data, you still have access to the internet and means to spending your time. I started reading all the Whatsapp messages that so far I had ignored reading. I posted as many responses as I could. But how many times can you keep posting those motivational messages again and again on Facebook. You got to do those things that you say, right? I exhausted all of the posting and repostings. I shared many of my friend’s posts and even the President’s mundane updates on the economy. At this time, the Verizon techs appeared as almost demi-Gods to me – they were the only ones that could save me of my new-found predicament. I picked up the phone again and patiently waited for 35 minutes and gave my piece of mind to the representative. I told the unsuspecting rep that I work from home and without internet I lose pay and I need to use up my vacation time. What would he do in such a situation? He got really upset that two visits hadn’t resolved the issue and was all apologies to me. He even offered to take off twenty bucks of my next monthly bill. He came  back on the line and said after talking to his supervisor, he had made our home issue as a priority. A tech would come again and make sure everything was okay. He thanked me at least a couple of times for being a loyal customer. I was beaming that my white lies had had their effect and wished him a good day. That was when Andy – the ultimate Verizon tech – came to pay us their ultimate visit on the problem. Since today morning, my TV and Internet are back in service and I just can’t find enough time to do anything. What do you say?

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