Use your communications skills to resolve issues…

Chakras in a Human Body - from Wikipedia

Chakras in a Human Body – from Wikipedia

It is a cliché that a lack of communication is the prime cause of misunderstandings. The most crucial success factor in Project management and team work is clear communication. Lack of clear communication can lead to cases where medical errors can occur. There are numerous references that I can provide where mis- or lack of communication can cause more issues than already exists.

Well, in this post, I didn’t want to share research or facts and impress you but actually see how Yoga can help develop basic communication skills in a human being. This all starts when one starts to realize he or she wants to develop a skill that he or she recognizes is lacking. Or simply, as a system of education follow the eight limbs of Raja Yoga and in the process get an awareness of what all is involved in fully realizing oneself.

In the Yogic system, Chakras are circles of energy. There are many chakras in a human body, but seven of these form the key centers. Each center denotes a specific quality mainly among other things such as its sound, color, etc. These seven chakras sit along the spine as shown in the graphic from Wikipedia.

As man evolves, he will conquer one chakra at a time starting from the Muladhara which is also called the Root Chakra. This chakra sits at the base of the spine. Now there is no rule that the centers need to open up in succession, however they do denote a progression from the Root chakra and up. Each chakra up in the chain denotes a more subtle quality.

I wanted to talk specifically about the Throat chakra as a measure of developing a key skill to address the issue as outlined in the beginning. The fifth chakra or the Vishuddi chakra is the seat of communication. This skill is one of the essential finer qualities that a human needs to possess. Some humans are blessed with this skill. In other words, their Vishuddi chakra is already open. To open the fifth, you can practice Jalandhara Bandha. This Bandha can be combined with Sarvangasan or Shoulder-stand. When you practice the throat lock, your awareness on the region does something on your consciousness that starts to brings forth the communicative powers within you. That first step of thinking about it can do wonders as it has done for me over the past several years.

But what is the point of developing communication skills if you don’t use it for the right reasons? We have seen many people who are well-educated but have many a misunderstanding between themselves or with others.  Think of those celebrities, after all the glory in their marriage ceremonies, break up with irreconcilable differences. I bet you that many of these  cases are due to a lack of communication in their busy schedules, without trying to keep up with one another and losing traction on the way. In many other cases, this is due to a total lack of open communication and discussion of the matter.  Within families and among relatives, things get overly complex. But if we are talking friends, try to have a conversation and figure out what the source of the issue is. Don’t shut yourself out of a conversation or joining one. There are a lot of things you have to do in this life than spend a lot of energy in not solving an issue. Think about that.

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