It is Apple all the way, Androids!!

apple01272015Apparently the Googles, the Androids and the n number of Android vendors just can’t take the bite away from Apple. A blowout quarter of $76.6 billion sales – that is just for the last quarter folks, some $9.1 billion ahead of estimates. Wow! Who could be expecting such a huge company as this one would grow sales by 30%. Tim Cook has made it a habit of delivering again and again and certainly in the pundits’ eyes have lived up to Steve Jobs expectations at least now. Think of the first two years after Jobs passed away, Tim Cook was the man to hold responsible for all failures at Apple, including the Apple Maps disaster. But as a CEO of the company that have common man as an investor such as me for some time, his company has kept us happy. And I admit, I haven’t owned an iPhone all the time. I feel sorry for that, but lately my Android made by Samsung has really started to suck – the wi-fi has stopped working outright. And this is a six month Galaxy S4. You might say ‘doesn’t the internet have the solution’. Yes, there are lots, but none of them worked for me. I spent over 24 hours in trying to resolve the issue, even putting custom ROMs and rooting the phone. In the process I  got to learn a lot and that is about the only good thing about the Android phones – you can play around with it much easily than an iPhone. But if you have the dough to buy an iPhone as your second phone outright, then you can do all the same things.  But my buying will have to wait till the 6s comes out. As I was recently checking out the iPhone 6 and it’s Plus sibling – they are beautiful unlike any other phones of the market. Just holding them gets you the feeling of quality – this what I felt after holding the LG G3 and the HTC 8, the latter considered as premium as the iPhone, but I wouldn’t agree. So wouldn’t many millions of Apple fans. Androids have become more and more paper tigers while the iPhone can perform as well. Yes, the S5 might take better low light pictures, but these comparisons are meaningless for the masses but only for the minority techies and those who want to grab attention with their comparison. So even without the pointer and multi-tasking abilities, the iPhone gets the most love as today’s report says.

Yes, the drop in oil prices is affecting the markets and adding to its volatility and tomorrow Apple might not that much of an uptick proportional to today’s release. But with some positive news on the world economy, the next three months should keep Apple moving higher.

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