Your spirit is precious, save it

10 PM in the evening, nothing to worry about getting muggedThe Human spirit will always endure. There is no force on Earth that even comes close to what a Human being undergoes and who yet fights on. All the natural wonders of this world are awe-inspiring. They might seem to dwarf what man can create. But man is unparalleled not because he cannot create anything better or beautiful, but because he wants to. That’s the human spirit.

Don’t let someone or something else destroy your spirits. Your spirit is what keeps you energetic and going on in life. It helps you be a role-model, do good and influence people. But don’t let any thing suppress this spirit of yours. It takes a while for one to recognize what their true spirit is. This might be years or decades. Once you know your self, you will begin to find happiness in things that you do and you will be able to make people happy with what you do.  Here is my rule of that assessment. At the end of the day you have to ask your self : Is God Happy with what all I did today. If the answer is yes, then you know your self or on the way.

However, sometimes due to factors you cannot control, this spirit of yours is at risk. A couple of these factors are misunderstandings and miscommunications. In a given situation, even if you felt you did everything right so as not to cause misunderstandings or miscommunication, these things happen. You evaluate what you did the same way as above – is God happy with your actions? To help your self out, put down on paper all factors that you considered before your actions. It helps re-assessing and bring more clarity to a clouded mind.

These events can be devastating to your spirit. It is very easy for one to get dejected, depressed, etc. However, it takes an incredible effort to get past the event and see the future. The future that was always yours that you were seeking. Once you get to this point of accepting and forgetting, you will start seeing ways of making an example of yourself and the situation.

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