A walk in the park

ValleyForgeWalk02112015 Awesome walk today in the historic Valley Forge Park. The weather was milder and cloudy when I parked my car around 3:15 PM. Yesterday, I had visited the park and walked for about 45 minutes. As I headed towards County Line Road, I saw the trail blocked due to construction. So I had to head back. The weather was excellent yesterday and the Sun was bright and as shiny as he could have been. The sky was pecked with small, silvery clouds. Valley Forge park has a special place in my heart. I have visited the park whenever I needed to clear my head. The vastness of the park and the historic importance always reminds me how trivial we think we are. Thousands upon thousands struggled there during the American war of independence without food and proper shoes in the severest of winter that one can imagine. If not for the last-minute help by the French, America wouldn’t have been what it is today. George Washington would have gone down in history books as someone too foolish but brave and one responsible for the death of many thousands.I had taken many photos from my smart phone, but somehow all except two were invalid. I think it was the Samsung geo-tagging app that could have messed it up. Anyway, today I made sure that app was turned off. Unfortunately the cloudy skies didn’t present a situation for a bright picture. The walk itself was awesome. I ventured onto path least trodden today and covered about 5 miles. As I walked through the rim of the park, I came across paths that weren’t cleared of the winter snow completely. I had to be careful crossing over sections that were like a skating rink. As you go past the Arch and onto the inner loop trail, you realize how alone you are. I had my ear muffs covering me up and had the few songs that I have kept listening for this coming Saturday’s party. Any ill-willed person could have easily approached me from the back silently and knocked me out and robbed me. But that wasn’t the case and that is the beauty of the park. It is well-known. At the edges of the trail, I could see the huge park spread out. You can’t really call it a park. The open land is all covered with dried up grass about at least a foot high and the path is bordered by pines and woods. The air was a bit breezy but fresh and moist. My pace picked up just after 10 minutes into the walk and an hour and 40 minutes later I was back to the parked car. Whew! Nice memorable walk.

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