Challenges with singing duets


Practice makes one perfect at whatever one is attempting. Singing is no exception. Practice for duets requires a few things to keep in mind:

  • Duets invariably have a male and female piece to it. To sing a duet, you must feel totally comfortable with your singing partner. I wouldn’t advise you to take any challenge and try to sing with anyone, leave alone an unfamiliar person. However, if you are aspiring to be a singer good enough to entertain, you must sing duets. Duets bring out different aspects of singing and adds to the entertainment value of your singing. A level of trust and respect is required to partner up with another person. This comes over time and with maturity from both singers. In fact practising together will very well increase the level of respect and trust. Such a relationship adds to the comfort level and ensures both can give 100% to the song.
  • Make sure your singing partner understands the need to practice together. Walking into the event thinking we can get it done isn’t going to work if you want to render a good performance. There is a lot of coordination required for a duet. There will be overlaps in some parts that needs to be timed well. One of the singers will have to lead the other singer into picking up. This requires timing and a pitch match. That is, the singer who follows needs to match the pitch where the other singer left off.
  • Some duets require less practice than others. Very simple duets without any overlaps, etc might need just an online session such of using Skype or Facetime. Others will require getting together and practicing together.
  • Agree upon a place and time to practice ahead of time. You might want to consider evenings when you have other people in your home in case you don’t feel comfortable. This also provides an opportunity to get feedback of the singing from those who can listen. Any concern about security shouldn’t even exist – if it does, then you can always find a different singing partner. Another option is to practice with a few who are singing duets. This sort of lets the cat out of the bag if you want to keep the song under wraps, but also gives the opportunity for some real time feedback from other singers.
  • Clearly mark who sings what on your lyrics sheet. Keep the same lyrics sheet between the both of you. Practice will bring which parts each has to work on and establishes singing chemistry between the two.
  • Getting together also works out the technical aspects of the song – such as what equipment to use, who gets the audio source and will help sort out any other technical challenges.
  • You will find after some practice of singing duets, you will ease into newer songs much more easily. You will be able to figure out how to get comfortable. This is important again if you are planning singing on a competitive level. You never know, who the judges pair you up with.

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