Thoughts for the day!

I can take good photographs too!

On top of Enchanted Mountain near San Antonio. Via the Summit trail.



  • Best to conquer hate with love.  Hate begets hate. It destroys your spirit and your Self.
  • Believe in your Self and be your Self. Always. If you stop the spirit that is you flowing out of you, you are no more. Your identity is no more and you have stopped being that part of Him. This is when the Evil starts to lurk within.
  • Don’t feel judged. Let God do the judging.
  • One of the five yamas  of Raja Yoga is Aparigraha. This means detachment. Detach yourself from your senses. The senses are there for a reason of survival. If it is used for anything more, you are developing attachment and this can lead to misery, greed, lust and what not. Develop only Love and show Love irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion. If Love flows out of you, you won’t even see the distinctions and barriers.
  • Practice Meditation regularly. Focus on the Ajna Chakra – the third eye – and the Heart Chakra. Ajna Chakra re-ignites wisdom and Heart Chakra re-ignites love and compassion. As you inhale, feel the energy reaching these areas (one chakra at a stretch), feel the area warming up and expanding. Let go when you exhale. Practice for 5-10 minutes on each chakras.

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