Musing from this past week

IMG_0221Here are my learnings from past few days –  some new and some reinforcements.

  • When you give feedback, keep these three factors in mind: Continue, Start, Stop. Identify what the other person/entity needs to start doing better. Identify what the other person/entity needs to stop doing and identify what the other person/entity needs to continue doing that he/she/it has been doing well. This is a very effective way of providing feedback. These steps are from the book ‘Becoming Your Best’ by  Steve Shallenberger.
  • On the Social media, you keep seeing tons and tons of motivational messages. There is literally no end to these. It is a good idea to get motivated by these but more often than reading, it is something one has to put into practice. Real leaders don’t talk much more than what is required – they lead by example and in fact generate motivation and motivational messages. Don’t get carried away and try to impress by posting the messages – people are impressed by what you do rather than what you post.
  • In a business meeting setting expectations is important. This defines a common agreement that reduces confusion. In personal life, expectations need to be handled as clearly. A reasonable and mutually agreeable expectation goes a long way in avoiding confusion and stress as  much as in a business deal. The key word is mutual. Having no mutual agreement or understanding is a sure-fire cause for stress. Such an one-way expectation creates attachment and not detachment. Detachment is critical to one’s peace of mind.
  • Apple got added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average – a significant move supporting its stock price and a bit of uptrend. Mutual funds that track the DOW will be compelled to buy the stock. But there are lot fewer funds that track the DOW than say the S&P 500. In any case, it has brought in good support for Apple which dip 2+ points yesterday.

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