Meditation or Concentration


Each one’s way of listening to a song is different. It is like Meditation or Concentration. My wife listens to a song once or twice and enjoys it and forgets it. She will remember many details of the song later on. That’s like Concentration; it is clinical efficiency. I on the other hand. like to listen to my favorite songs over and over again. It is like Meditation. I dwell on it every time and let thoughts about the song flow through my mind. Every time, I try to find a different thing about the song that could be just a simple inflection in some part or try to figure out what the lyricist had in mind when he wrote a particular line or word. In Raja Yoga or the yoga of eight steps, Meditation comes before Concentration i.e., Dhyana and then Dharana. The final state is Samadhi which means total dissolution of the seer in the seen. Thus strictly speaking Dharana or Concentration is a step ahead of Dhyana or Meditation, but I enjoy Meditation more, at least as of now.

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