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Lighted-BuddhaFill in the blanks – useless thoughts, musings, ramblings, etc.

– Sometimes God puts brake on your paths. The stop can be sudden. Acceptance is the best option.

– Under promise and Over deliver. This tenet can be used in personal life too. Do all you can and don’t expect anything back. Then you might be surprised. The other way round is a sure-fire way for disappointments and misery.

– If you are one of those who don’t feel judged, continue the journey. Each instance will make you stronger. If you feel judged all the time, then it is time for introspection and see what is causing you any anguish. It might be you are overdoing things and those receiving could be not receptive anymore. Such continuation of non-response will cement feelings of being judged more. Try to find a diversion and try rediscovering your true self. Do what you love to do and forget about what others think. You are doing a service to your spirit by doing what you like to do. Stopping that is like dipping a sheet of paper in Nitrogen – turn paper into brittle powder immediately. Don’t kill your soul while you are alive.

– There might be times when you feel God isn’t looking after you anymore. Those are the moments where you have departed from who you truly are. You have to discover that Self within you back again. You are closer to Him if you are Happy. Think what is keeping you from being your Self. Maybe you are attached too much to something or someone. See if you can retract a bit and take a more objective look at the connection or relationship. Too much of anything isn’t good. Ultimately being balanced needs that you keep everything in moderation.

– Being your Self is a life-long practice. There are times when you lose it. Those times, you have to recollect what motivates you and associate yourself with those things or people. At the same time, you need to disassociate yourself from those that are not motivators for what you need to do, especially finding your self.

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  1. See Always Inside. Need to be rooted and focus inward to wade through this journey called life. 🙂

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