It is about having fun

Happy Ugaadi

Happy Ugaadi

A Karaoke party is a lot of fun for those who love singing. No need to say this. But the fun goes away if one starts to feel criticized for not singing perfectly. These are parties amongst friends and family, so putting on a critical hat isn’t the right thing to do. No one in the party is likely to sing perfectly unless one is an professional. We have to keep that in mind. The idea of one organizing such a party should be many folds:

– Encourage people who aren’t comfortable to get to become comfortable singing. The hesitation will go away eventually unless one is overly critical of himself/herself. In such a case, no amount of encouragement will do.

– Provide an opportunity for stage presence. Getting up on the stage is a feat. Once one gets there, one would have crossed a huge barrier. Once there, there will definitely be moments where one can feel that he or she did fine on some parts. That is a positive to take away and as long as one focuses on working towards increasing those positive moments, the momentum in them would have been set.

– Encourage each other, applaud good work.

And don’t really put on the critic’s hat in these events. You will be taking away the fun from others and yourself too. Focus on the positives. There is a lot of good energy generated and that is priceless!

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