When insecurities take over..

Flushing Ganesha Temple, NYYou are one of those lucky ones if you are steadfast, determined, unwavering, clear-headed all the time. For the rest, life can be a struggle sometimes. You might be fortunate that you are one of those who don’t have to struggle to meet life’s basic needs, shelter and security. But still, insecurity can come in many forms – job security, relationship security, social security i.e., esteem and perception, etc, etc. With all these conflicts, at times, one can be a totally different person altogether. It is not uncommon to see people with multiple personalities. Have you ever wondered why that could be the case? It is very certainly IMO the insecurities that I have listed aforehand. When a person hasn’t developed all the qualities that I mentioned in the beginning, they are still trying to find themselves. They aren’t comfortable in their own skin.

But even people who are comfortable in their own skin can go through insecurities. That is the point of this post. When one is influenced by factors not to be one’s own self i.e., he or she is behaving different from normal, it is a great weakness and whether you call it evil forces or the design of the mind or one’s own history and influences (all those novels, movies, people around), one feels those qualities that one has learnt to avoid start to creep in. These could be greed, negative thoughts, jealousy, hatred, etc. But the person we are talking about has learnt to not inculcate these qualities. Self-doubt and further weakness can start to set in at these times of vulnerability.

It is important at these times for one to recognize what they truly are, what qualities they possess and what they represent to him or her. He or she also needs to recognize that succumbing to the negative qualities is fairly easy at these times of weakness. These negative qualities are like the devil – they will very soon encompass one’s mind if not stopped. In one such moment of weakness,  one should stop himself or herself and pray deeply – God, I am not these negative qualities. I have a strong foundation in fairness and justice and love and believing. Why are you letting such thoughts into me? With a strong yearning what one isn’t, there will definitely end the stream of negativity. One will start believing in oneself what he or she truly was and is and this stance will help push away what would be a journey away from one’s true self.

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