Thoughts for the week..


– Do you stand in front of God everyday and ask that you be blessed with all good? For a change, don’t ask anything and thank Him for all He has given you.

– When you read something, do you gloss over the contents and maybe come back to it again if required? Or do you take your time to read through thoroughly the first time? Both techniques work well in different situations.

– what do you do when you are stressed? How do you de-stress? I find Yoga always helps me to bring myself back to balance. When I am balanced, I can view things more objectively. Duh, right? But we always seem to move away from balance.

– How do you handle failures? Do you berate yourself every time? Or have you gotten past that point and accept that success follows failures and neither success always or failures always is guaranteed?

– The best way to find depression is to stay active. Else it will creep up on you – now or later. Socialize, engage in activities you love. Keep meeting people. Staying away or being aloof will start affecting. Feel the good energies that others exude. You can reach your high spiritually by connecting with others.

– Let God be the judge of your actions as long as you believe they are good. Getting affected, feeling judged is a very easy thing to happen. The opposite is harder – trying to trust your beliefs and not be affected. Turning your head away from negative influences and letting positive influences wallop you should be your goal.

– Those times of uncertainty can only be gotten through well by keeping yourself at whatever it is you want to do. There are bright days and then there are dull days. Assuming you have put the ball in motion by taking the right steps and making the right decisions early on should be recognition enough that you need to wade through such times as steadily as possible.

– A change is a hard thing to face. Specifically a change in a life situation or at work. Starting fresh all over again isn’t an easy task. Building the foundation again takes time and effort. You have to go through sacrifices in all of this rebuilding. That is how you were on top in the first place! Getting up there starts below somewhere!

Have a great weekend!!

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