Are you tolerant enough?

If you have to measure yourself by one trait, select tolerance as an example.

– How tolerant are you when someone is taking a long time to make a point? Are you impatient to put out your thoughts before the other person finishes? It might be that the other person lacks the training or the experience. In this case, it is best to lead by example and/or educate how to get to the point faster. You don’t have to do this right away. Sometimes a person learns such skills on their own and might take their own time. Best thing is to be an example yourself.

DSC00533a– How tolerant are you towards mistakes? Mistakes that either you make or someone else makes? Are you forgiving and willing to let go and move forward or are you one of those who dwell on the mistake and let it affect you and those around you? Are you one of those who want to prove that you are right and the other is wrong at the first opportunity? In the process of such proving (proving can be very different from teaching or educating in this case), do you feel good at the end about yourself? Or just a sense of proving-the-point. When we get to just proving the point i.e., that the other person is wrong about something, your soul isn’t being nurtured in a good way. Instead overlooking the wrong or the mistake makes you feel good about yourself.

– How tolerant are you towards others? Towards their preferences, color of skin, hygiene or anything else. There could be some things about others that can be bothersome. Are you willing to help them out where needed? Are you willing to overlook certain aspects of others and see through to their real self?

Practice tolerance and every time you do so, notice how much better you feel about yourself. Such constant feeling of betterment makes you stronger. It gives you the ability to see through a situation and your overall sense of well-being increases profoundly.

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