The importance of positive influences


– Love conquers hate. Flood your mind with good memories of a person when your mind is getting inundated with questions and misgivings about the other person.

– Often times, you have to live through confusion to find clarity. The period of confusion is sometimes inexplicable. The best thing to do during such periods of confusion is to try to stay positive. Try practising love during such time. What is apparent as negative during one of these periods can be easily disproven when you are positive or at peace.

– Staying unaffected is easier said than done. But it is possible. Again, fill your mind with positive distractions. Have faith that all issues have a resolution and continue doing what you think always wanted to do. There is no better way to fight negativity. I have written in the past that as long as I thought I had done the right things, I shouldn’t get affected so much by reactions of others or even my own perception of state of things. When I have been tense, my mind isn’t certainly at its best in terms of clarity. It might take months to understand a situation clearly or for a dissolution of the situation to happen. It all goes back to the journey from point A to point B – how good it is? All said and done, lessons are easier to read about or discuss, but putting these into use will certainly ease the pain.

– If you are under pressure to get something done, during those times it is so easy to think I cannot get this done. There is that tension that keeps you from thinking that you even can. You might even have reached a dead-end despite all your attempts at resolving the issue or getting the task completed. In those times of dead-ends, take a break with gay abandon with the belief that something will turn up. This has worked for me I should say always. I have been in situations where I am inundated with work and challenges that I felt I cannot get it done. I go to sleep worried and tense. Next morning or before the due date, someone else would have suggested something that helps resolve the issue or ease the pressure. Sometimes, what I then thought was a priority for resolution has turned out to be not so much of a priority after all. In other words, after you have tried everything, trust that you did all you can and even with the issue unresolved, take a hike trusting for some intervention.

– Only change is constant. What wasn’t there before is now present. What is now present won’t be there someday in the future. Staying detached is the key. But, we are all humans except those monks of course who have no true attachments. For the rest of us, good judgement is our help. Keeping the stability of the mind is key. At times, when you are stressed, it is best not to resort to things or objects or people who make the situation worse. E.g., alcohol, negativity, etc. The moment the mind starts to get influenced with negative thoughts, try to do whatever to stop such influences. Remember who you truly are and that you used to live well in a different environment in the past. So why not now? Just try to take those negativity out of your influences and stick to positive reinforcements.

My positive influences are simple in and of themselves : Good music, singing, writing, immersion in work, practice yoga and meditation, stepping out in the sun or just take a drive. Enjoy a great song from the ’70s.

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