rec·i·proc·i·ty:   A noun the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another.

This meaning of this word need not be restricted to just organizations or countries. This plays an important role in one’s personal life. Give and take is what reciprocity is and is a must for a good relationshipIMG_9041.CR2p. Give and take is a normal part of good friendship or a good relationship that happens all the time even unknowingly.  The best part of such reciprocity is that there is no expectation on one’s part. The lack of expectation makes it such relationships more enjoyable. But the assumption here is there is some sort of reciprocity happening then or later. The moment the giving becomes one-sided, there is a scope for misgivings about the relationship to start creeping in. Even in a great relationship, though nothing is expected right then, there is an underlying structure of expectation built-in. A good spouse should adhere to the vows, take care of the other, etc.

Outside of an established relationship however consider a developing relationship or a budding one. In one’s enthusiasm, one might tend to give or take too much and this can upset the apple cart, so to speak. A balance must be maintained. One who is balanced is the fortunate one. He or she won’t experience the fallouts of such enthusiasm. You can argue that such a one will also not experience the joy or the highs associated with those actions. However, there might not always  be reciprocity. You can show a lot of love only to be turned down. Reaching out, in the mortal thinking world of human beings, can sometimes be misinterpreted. And the consequence is that the one who pours out such love or enthusiasm or anything else is the one to suffer the most. You wish God gave one a built-in meter that displays red when such a thing as over-enthusiasm happens. But that isn’t the case. He however doles out the repercussions which should act as a teacher in toning down any undue enthusiasm. Enthusiasm doesn’t always have to be negative. If the recipient fails to see the same, one has to recognize that and let it go and continue; else he or she might be dejected for the wrong reason and have that enthusiasm curbed for the wrong reasons.

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