Let’s set the record straight …

20150419_183300-001Mother’s day is a great day to remind ourselves of all mothers. But, one day in a year for a mother – common. Everyday in a year and everyday in one’s life a mother is just immeasurable. To remember her and celebrate her one day in a year is a total disservice to mothers. Of course, there is a lot of commercialism behind these mother’s day and father’s day, etc. Go support it if you can and want to. In Hindu philosophy, there is a saying where women are worshipped, there is God. It doesn’t make sense to go give your mother flowers today and beat up your wife or a sister who is a mother tomorrow. Loving all mothers all the time, having respect for them all the time and knowing what mothers do can’t be valued makes all men better men. I will say it anyway, Happy Mother’s day if you are still expecting that from me. I didn’t even wish my wife Happy Mother’s day to her because I treasure her as my son’s mother every moment of my life.

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  1. So true. All these days so called are hyped and commercial.

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