A beautiful long weekend


CN tower, Toronto lighted up.

After four weeks of travel, got to stay back home and work remotely. It was a busy week more or less but nothing that took my breath away. The last weekend was a blast with a Madhura Gaana party i.e., a karaoke party. Lots of singing and fun. Great way to kick off the long weekend. Whether you think you sing good or bad, just jump in and take the mic. With practice you can only get better. Yes, at all times, there will be that nagging feeling that am I making a fool out of myself, but you have to look at everything relatively. There will be cases where the reception is positive and that should be your guide really speaking. Else you will never get off the block, so to speak and be stuck. Taking calculated risks in life is a must to achieve progress.

We all preach being non-judgemental, but the truth is we are judgemental about ourselves, first and foremost. That is the hard reality. I can only speak for myself but I get the sense that I am no different. While I may not care what other think about me on some aspects, I do care about certain things. The self-judgement gets harsh and detrimental when you don’t see a clear indication whether what you did is right or wrong. Doesn’t matter if you thought you were doing the right thing.

Attending a  pooja the following day was a nice thing to do. All said and done, I feel many of us can do a lot better in our communications. Take for example, event RSVPs. There have been many instances where you just don’t get a RSVP even if the due date is many weeks after the request. And there are yes-RSVPs that aren’t adhered to. Absences without communicating well in advance or absences with white lies are typical. What people don’t understand is that it requires very low IQ to see through white lies. On top of this, one does think they are in the end smarter as they got away with it. Pity these poor souls – the will to make it happen or the lack of it shows off clearly. What I have learnt is being direct and upfront – will be liked by one and all. In the end, such attitude only reflects on the individual perpetuating the lie. I had to write this – while I don’t want to be negative, how else can I say what I want to say. Good riddance! 🙂

The good ride on the long weekend continued with a surprise birthday party for our son. He was totally floored – literally when he walked down the steps of the basement and was greeted by his home-mates and high-school mates among other friends and relatives. It was a great day followed by good music – err, singing :). Had a blast that day.

Monday, I spent some time with my blog host’s support. Almost 600+ of my blog posts  were deleted – there were luckily in the trash folder. I tried restoring them – but could only do 20 at a time from the user interface. So I  had lost sleep Sunday night. Monday, I found I had taken a backup some two weeks back and restoring it was the best option. I first backup up the posts after the backup date using WordPress’ export utility. You can just backup/export between certain date ranges, which came in handy. This wasn’t the end of it. Then I noticed many of the posts wouldn’t display the embedded images. I had to call support and the chap restored the media files from a backup. He tried to sell me a backup feature for a small additional cost. But the lesson learnt is backups are a must. BackupDraft is a good plug-in that backs up your blog to either Google drive or to Dropbox. Very handy, when life – I mean, you blog is a mess.

When I was restoring the posts, unfortunately my Facebook auto-feed was still on. So many of my readers received a lot of notifications. Nobody complained – sweet souls. But some of the older posts got a chance to re-surface. Last week a friend of mine clicked on a pop-up on my blog site for following me. The plugin- ReadyGraph – somehow managed to send out emails to all his contacts on his Facebook/smart phone. The plugin was able to pick his profile photo on Facebook. Luckily my blog isn’t any objectionable material – some of his colleagues even appreciated my writing, I believe. So much for good publicity. That day my page views spiked over 600%!!

Will write again.. too tired after cleaning 60% of my basement storage. I managed to dust off all the Lego toys that my son had built-in his younger years and put them on the new display shelf. Still more cleaning to do. Have a nice weekend.

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