Spontaneity. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is defined as

:  the quality or state of being spontaneous

:  voluntary or undetermined action or movement; also :  its source

Being impulsive in general is considered not so good. Impulsiveness leads to decisions that aren’t thought through. Whether it is a business decision or posting something on social media, a thoroughly thought out action is always risk-mitigated. Take Whatsapp – the messaging app. People all over the world use it and love it. It gives you the ability to stay connected with friends and family. Generally this works well when you want to communicate or others want to do the same on any thing that is related. Over a course of time, however, one gets to be connected with so many people – via multiple groups. You get added onto groups whether you want to be part of it or not. There are many posts that don’t add any value to one’s life, though there are some that do matter. Overall it takes away time. Just thinking about it. Few years back before Facebook and Whatsapp, life was going on without knowing about all the jokes that existed. Now-a-days, most of the postings are jokes or facts that are unascertained. If I want facts, I can always go to Consumer Reports or some other trusted source on the internet. And my life was going on well enough without having to smile every minute of my life at a joke.

First with email, then with Facebook, Twitter and now with Whatsapp, the intrusion into one’s thinking and its influence has become more and more pervasive. I still think Facebook is a good news aggregator and along with Twitter when used effectively, it makes communication easier and more widespread. No one cannot take away the fact that the likes of Arab Spring started with these two social media tools. The mind when doing things spontaneously does get sucked into the stream and fails to recognize the original goals of the engagement. Thus you see a lot of people, especially younger ones, spending a lot of time ‘sharing’ and ‘staying connected’ while all that might be over-kill to maintain relationships or friendships. Spontaneity is promoted by these tools, but making effective use of these tools isn’t an spontaneous act. It requires careful consideration and constant enactment. Else it will lead to regrets that weren’t just necessary in the first place.

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