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Sringeri Mutt temple in Poconos, the older building

Sringeri Mutt temple in Poconos, the older building

The Testosterone is the hormone in a man who determines his masculinity. What happens is after age 30, the levels of the T goes down. This is a significant hormonal change in a man that leads to mood swings, depression, etc. The fact is most men just don’t know at that age that is the cause. Instead we go through the lot internalizing everything thinking it is a problem with us. We fight anger, irritation, a fight-or-flight tendency and in general avoid meeting people at large. We instead tend to get more aloof and focus on other outlets that help us relate to our own such feelings – movies, other similar people. The fact is that the repercussions of these changes are no way as much as what women go through in their menopausal phases. Yet in general, women handle the more significant changes much better. It has to do with the makeup of what a man is. A man’s tendency is to get an outlet without much reasoning – he is impulsive. This can lead to rash decisions. A woman on the other hand is more logical and reasons out before taking a decision. A man is more inclined to taking risks and finding out what the result is later on and deal with it. It is unfortunate that we keep going to doctors and yet we aren’t educated about what to look for in phases of life on an active basis. Thanks to the internet, self-education is improving and we can in turn ask the doc what needs to be done.

20150607_140936Attended an Indian wedding at the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in Saylorsburg. Such a beautiful setting for a holy ceremony. Nothing ostentatious and everything appealing. The Hindu ceremony of the couple was over in 90 minutes with explanations of the rituals to the well wishing friends and families. Lunch was wonderful vegetarian food – nothing too spicy or too elaborate. Loved the food and the wedding.

Drove to JFK for the nth time to pick up my sister-in-law and family.  Never know when New York will fix the Rt 298 – always full of pot holes and uneven surface. The narrow lanes don’t help either. But for a change there wasn’t any traffic jams all the way in and out of JFK. I remember arriving at JFK nearly twenty-one years ago with a young baby after a tiring long air journey, but with a job on hand. I will never forget that I had a job on hand when I came into this country unlike the thousands of other immigrants who come in blinded just by what the future can offer.

Today made a trip to Sringeri Mutt temple in the Poconos with SIL and family. Beautiful day. The drive was gorgeous though the Sunday had a bit more traffic that I’d have liked. Rt. 22 running across Allentown is probably on the worst roads list in the US. Very frequent merges coming in from the city on short ramps onto 55 mph traffic makes it tricky to stay on the left lane. I haven’t seen so many vehicles stopped and waiting to merge anywhere else. There is always the few who don’t wait but try to bulldoze into the traffic just because they are driving a huge truck. I got to sing Sri Vigna Rajam Bhaje twice today at the temple. First in the main sanctum. Then when we went to the older building that had the idols originally, a mother and daughter sang a couple of shlokas for the Gods. We got into a conversation and in the process was asked to sing again. I sang the same song again and realized I am getting comfortable singing in temples. I enjoyed it thoroughly and felt blessed. The temple offers free food to devotees. The Bisi Bele Bath and curd rice was great. We stopped on the way back at Saylorsburg to visit the Dhakshinamurthy temple – a second visit in four days after the visit earlier last week for the marriage.

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