Happy or Unhappy?

IMG_0626It doesn’t have to be just the two states. I asked my wife ‘Do you think I am Happy?’. We were watching the movie – ‘Hector and the search for Happiness’. It is a British movie and quite entertaining. Hector, a city Psychiatrist gets tired of his job seeing all the people coming to him who aren’t happy. He can’t explain how he could make them happy. So he goes on a journey in search of what makes one happy. His travels lead him to China, Tibet, Africa and more. My wife’s reply was that I wasn’t happy.  That made me think – no, that is not true. I am not Happy at this time, but that doesn’t mean I am unhappy. I have a lot going on in my mind like many other people. I have to worry about job, mortgage and more things. I have to deal with challenges like everyone else. Sometime I succeed and sometimes I am not so successful. I am always in quest to find something that makes me keep going. My brains are always analyzing things that happen and those that might happen. All these make me anxious, maybe sometimes. Maybe nervous other times, but reading a lot about anxiety on the internet tells me that this isn’t anything abnormal. In fact, a human being with a certain base level of anxiety is better prepared to deal with challenges than those who don’t have any anxiety at all. So this state of being prepared, being a vee-bit anxious isn’t exactly unhappiness. It is a transient state of getting to the state of happiness. Of course, so that I have covered it all, I have been happy at times – in fact many times. So what that tells me is once you reach a state of happiness, there isn’t any guarantee that you will be in that state. Life is changing always and what is here now won’t be there another time.

The point is that don’t think you are unhappy if you aren’t feeling happy at any given moment. You could be on the way to a happiness. If, in turn, you get more and more anxious, then you are headed in the wrong direction towards unhappiness.

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