Two movie weekend and some fixing

220px-Amistad-PosterHappened to watch two good movies this weekend – Amistad and Inside Man. Amistad directed by Steven Spielberg is classic direction and story telling. A group of Africans sold as slaves revolt on the ship and massacre the crew. Matthew McConaugheyin the lead lawyer role, defends their actions despite language barriers and strong emotions. It feels wonderful to know that the then former president, John Adams, took up the case to the Supreme Court. Think of that happening today – the ex-presidents now are busy on the talking circuit and building up the campaigns for their family. Morgan Freeman is in a subdued role for once. McConaughey is brilliant – wonder why he didn’t get the best actor award for that movie.

220px-Inside_Man_(film_poster)The Inside Man is a thriller of a plot where a successful banker, who is also an ex-nazi, tries to hide his role in the past. The elaborate plot involving Denzel Washington, Clive Owens, Christopher Plummer, Jodi Foster is confusing at the end. No one is incriminated – not the banker or the robber. Only the detective (Denzel Washington) gets a payoff courtesy of the robber.

My Samsung Galaxy S4 had run into yet another issue. The phone wasn’t charging via the USB port. I finally had figured that the phone needs to be turned off for the charging to work. So I would turn the phone off every night and let it charge. For travelling, I had gotten spare charger and batteries from Anker and had to physically replace the battery by taking out the back cover every time the battery needed charging and I couldn’t wait for the night. After a lot research the only option left was replacing the USB port. Watched some YouTube videos and the process seemed a bit more involved for me. I didn’t want to meddle with the pulling out the circuit boards from the phone. Finally I threw in the towel in and order a replacement USB port. While ordering make sure it works for your phone make and model. Mine is a AT&T Galaxy S4  i337. While ordering on Amazon, you can see a lot of cheap options – these are most likely shipped from China or Hong Kong. Pay attention to the shipping dates – they take 4-6 weeks to get to your place though free shipping can be a bit enticing. I ordered the one available on Amazon Prime and got the replacement part in two days. Watching the video below helped and it took me about 30 minutes to replace the part. A few months back, I had opened the back cover and unscrewed the tiny screws in hope of fixing the problem by just cleaning and fiddling with the port. So it was a bit easier this time. But don’t be daunted – as long as you are a bit inclined technically, this isn’t a difficult task. After replacing, the phone is now charging even when it is powered on.


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