On the first International Yoga day


Glorious evening sunlight in the backyard

The best thing to happen is a good surprise. And people keep surprising you all the time. The thing is that as long as there is goodness in the heart, it transcends all faults. Faults of oneself or those that one sees in others. You would have read so many times and heard so many times and I have written or expressed quite so many times that love conquers hate. Hate, after all, doesn’t bridge any gaps – it only widens them. So one has to fight to keep hate away from one’s heart. I am glad I don’t let hate get into my heart. There are times when I am frustrated or miffed or even upset, but I never direct anger at a person. Anger begets hate. So stop getting angry. My frustrations are with myself not being able to handle challenges. This gets to become a one man battle. In a one man battle, because there is no physical or participating opponent, you have to make assumptions. Assumptions might not always be right and this leads to conflicts and more assumptions and more frustrations. Letting go is the best option. In hindsight, letting go is easier said than done, but as long as one remembers this mantra, at least at the conscious level, there is an effort to move away from the source that is holding you back.

On International Yoga Day,  we had a great yoga session today. Stretching does so much wonders to the body. My body aches, but with happiness. A little tired perhaps, but it is thankful today that I took the time. Surely kudos to Narendra Modi in getting Yoga on the international map on such a large scale. Promotion by politicians can sometimes be great.

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