A Crisp Sunday morning

20150628_101307Last week had started on a great note at San Francisco. A new project, a new beginning. Couldn’t have been happier. This week, it was great to start the week with a wonderful bike ride at Peace Valley Park in Doylestown. I had bought this Trek bike of my over 10 years back and had never used it on a track except on our driveway!! After attending to it for a bit – some oil mainly, I couldn’t fit it in the trunk of our car. So I had to figure out how to take out the front wheel – a YouTube video helped. I didn’t know that the front brakes would come in the say of the wheel removal. So a few more videos and it was easy to work through that. The bike went well into the trunk of our Prius with the back seat folded down. In fact, I didn’t have to remove the front wheel, the Prius’ trunk is amazingly large for its size. But I learnt something extra on the way.

This morning, the ride to the park was about 1/2 hour. Stopped at friend’s place on the way and we headed off. It was about 8:20 AM when we reached there. There were hardly a few vehicles parked at the marina entrance. The ride to the park itself revealed the rich lush greenery in Bucks county. That itself was a reward for getting up early on a sunday. The heavy rains the past two days had rendered the air clear. It is about 4 miles round the man-made lake. The trail is paved, most of it is pretty even. A couple of 8% slopes added to the workout. When you are on a bike, you might think you don’t get a good enough workout especially on a mostly even trail. But that isn’t the case. There are inherent ups and downs given the path borders the lake. We could see many boats – non-motorized types – marooned at a couple of places. A few early morning anglers were also enjoying the crisp morning air. And then there were a few joggers and runners and the occasional couple out for a good walk. The rush of cool air on your skin is something to feel and experience. You don’t get 20150625_082836this sitting in a car and driving. No wonder, Phaedrus was complaining about those motorists as he was riding his bike. Phaedrus is the main character in the book ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’. This book is a great dose of Philosophy and his battles with reasoning and the lack of reasoning on some people’s part in his life. It is a great read – I probably have read it a couple of times and listened to the audio version a couple more. That book and the movie ‘The Beautiful Mind’ has stuck a resonance in mind. Maybe because I can relate to it quite a bit. Maybe these are characters where a lot of people can relate to at some point in life or another.

20150628_084638Anyway, back to the ride. It took about a leisurely 1 hour ride round the lake.  We spotted a beautiful crane all alone in the middle of the grass. Needed a good camera to take a picture. The problem with smartphone cameras are they can’t take as good pictures as a DSLR. But who carries a bulky DSLR on a hike or a bike – very few. We also saw a pair of geese who were very noisy – maybe they were having fun, but my idea of fun is not noise being part of it. If you want to sing for a mate, at least make it pleasant I said to the duck in my mind 🙂 Next weekend is the long July 4th weekend. Planning a biking trip to lake Nockamixon.

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