Thoughts for the day


  • Writing or maintaining a journal is a great way to check on things you did for the day. It helps you evaluate what you did right and what you didn’t. It also helps you think through a challenge you are facing to a solution. It is like having a conversation with another person. The dialogue opens up further thoughts and possibilities in your mind. Writing gives the same opportunity. You basically can avoid sitting in a chair and talking about your issue while you pay for it 🙂
  • Keeping up your health is just half the job. Inspiring health in others is the other half. Get others involved in keeping up your health. It helps you in turn.
  • God keeps testing your patience all the time. If you persevere, you will see why. There will be definitely rough times in between and you will be wondering if He hears you or not, but don’t lose faith. When you lose faith, you would have lost your Self. Negative thoughts creep in and life becomes a turmoil unnecessarily.

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