Ride in the park

Third day of the long weekend and knowing the week ahead would be a tough one, I wanted to make as much of it as possible. Out of bed at 6:45, I decided to just try out biking in the Valley Forge National park. It is after all a 15 minute drive to the park. We had this park in mind for the next Sunday, but I couldn’t wait to just go there myself and burn off some calories that I felt guilty eating popcorn and soda in the movie theater. Jurassic World was good entertainment. As the reviewers said, the world’s fascination with dinosaurs never ends and the producers have put that to great use, with record-shattering box office collections. These collections have to be taken with a pinch of salt. The ticket price is close to ten dollars and some of the newer ones go for nearly twelve. But nobody seems to be bothered and so were the few people coming in to watch the movie on the July 4th weekend. Humor is a good part of the movie. I loved the part where the two boys in the back seat give a thumbs up to Chris Pratt while the stereotyped heroine – not so intelligent, good-looking and all dressed up – thought it was she that they were voting for. Many such moments make the somewhat gory movie more entertaining and light-hearted. You see people snapped into by the -saurs like popcorn. Chris Pratt was charming and rugged, but I think Bryce Dallas Howard as the heroine steals the show coming off as a very likable ally in fighting the monstrous -saurs. And she shows her human-side a few time topping it off with a coy smile at the very end.

It looks like I need to buy a bike-rack soon. Hauling the bike in and out of the Prius’ trunk is quite an effort. And the smudges on the side walls is something my wife hasn’t noticed yet. It took me 10 minutes to fix the seat which had fallen apart on the Nockamixon trail. Five more minutes to find the car keys 🙂 and filling water and off I was. The streets were still quiet on this Sunday morning. I wanted to do the paved path today inside the park. Next weekend, it would probably be the trail going to either Philly or to Perkiomen Valley with a couple of fellow bikers.

It was already warm when I parked. A few joggers and strollers were already getting their workout. And there are always some people close the soldier’s quarters taking photos. I covered about  six miles in an hour and fifteen minutes, taking stops in between. The low sun made way for some good morning shots with my smart phone. All along, I had turned up Saavn to listen to a mix of Arjit Singh, Rajkumar and Sonu Nigam amongst others. Sights of the valleys at a few places were a feast to the eyes with the sunlight shimmering and bouncing off the grass. The quiet all around added up to my dose of weekend meditation. It was a great workout with parts of the trail hard enough where I had to get off the bike. Hoping to do this a few more times this summer and ending in Fall. Can’t wait for fall this year, though.


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