The Soul, the Intellect and the Mind

Three things define you. The Soul, the Intellect and then the mind.

The Soul is who you are. Your goal in life should be to discover your soul as early as possible. That means you should be comfortable with everything you do, you should be hearing the inner voice giving directions in all things you do and when in doubt you can should be able to trust that inner voice to guide you. If you discover your self, the saying is the soul shines through you.

The intellect is your summary experience so far. That guides you in taking day-to-day decisions. The Soul would have trained the intellect if you have listened to often. Where the intellect can’t help is where the inner voice or Soul comes in.

The mind is a tool that helps put the intellect’s decision into use. The intellect says this is the way to go and the mind helps in executing that direction – thinking logically through the steps and helping the physical body carry out the tasks. However, the mind is a monkey. It can start to act on its own or when the intellect isn’t fully developed, it can aid in poor decisions.

Once you recognize the three and separate them, it will be easier in decision making.

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