An early morning outing

Early morning sunrise behind home. It is always nice to get up early and walk out to the yard to hear the birds chirping – first one and then a few and more that join – in welcoming the rising sun. The coolness of the air and the calm of the early morning descends on you as if to squish out the unnecessary anxiety that is built-in. It takes just a few minutes to realize the difference between the inside and the outside and after a few more minutes, the sense of balance is evident. You start to notice things that you normally just won’t. The dew on the grass, the variety of hues in the sky, the parts of the yard that is still dark and the other part that is lighting up. The fog hiding the neighbour’s yard partly. The grass is inviting enough that I go back in and put on a pair of slippers. As I walk on the grass, the moisture that seeps onto the souls wakes me up more as if it is telling me that sitting on a chair and working away is a pure waste of life. I quickly grab my smart phone and take a few pictures – something to show the family yet in their beds. Life has started for some and for some others, it is still recovery from a busy day. It is such a contrast that while few enjoy life that many other let it pass by walloped in their pursuits.
















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