Oaks to Norristown on Schuylkill trail

OaksToNorristownSchuykillGreat Sunday morning ride. Started around 8:00 A.M. The morning was a muggy with the high for the day forecasted to be in the lower 90s. I could feel the lack of breeze adding to the exhaustion already. The trail is paved most of the way with a gentle incline down heading to Norristown. A couple of extended breaks and it took as about 90 minutes to reach Norristown behind the transportation center. The trail should be very popular and there were quite a few riders, most of them overtaking us. A few joggers here and there. Even a kitty on the side apparently trying to find some place, I guess. I had extended the handle bar out so that I could stretch my arms, but the seat was very uncomfortable. But we worked out a lot of sweat and the 2 1/2 hour ride back and forth gave us a good week’s workout. Topped it off teaching a yoga class! A good start to the week. Last week was a hectic one with the Monday the most draining. You fly into the west coast to land at 11. But the day would have started at 5 AM, getting up and ready heading to the airport. Then the day only ends at 11:45 PM PST, you are up about 18 hours. Talk about working hard!! It takes a couple of days to get some energy back into the body and then I head back to home on a seemingly never-ending flight. All part of the game and doesn’t matter when work is enjoyable. Thank God for the opportunity – I can’t say more. To achieve your goals, note two things necessary and keep reminding yourself of them whenever you feel wayward. For me it is focus and determination – two very different things. Determination gets you thinking about the goal and focus helps you achieve it. Have a great week.




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