Making a weekend longer

Early morning ride at Peace Valley Park, Dolyestwon, PA

By the lakeside, Peace Valley Park, Doylestown, PA


Green Lane Park, PA


Green Lane Park, PA






















We all wish we had a longer weekend or it lasted longer. A few ways to make your weekend longer

  • Start early every day of the weekend. Being in bed late just takes away the time and adds sloth to the being.
  • Be active. Don’t stay home and watch a few movies. Get out and be with nature. Going to malls will be needed to get the chores done, but you don’t have to go to a mall every weekend. Try to get your grocery shopping done after work during the week if possible. If not, make a stop as part of your outing.
  • One great thing about being with nature is it wipes away reminiscences of work pretty fast and pretty well. That is refreshing as the mind works like a sponge. The more you squeeze out from it, the more it can absorb. You will be surprised what you thought as a challenge during the end of the week turns out to be just a few thoughts of solving when you have a fresh mind.
  • You hear the phrase – ‘Oh, I am tired. I just can’t get up early or get to be outside’. The fact is the more active you are, the more energetic you will feel. Past two days of this weekend, I biked about 15 miles and walked another two and a half. However, I probably slept less than average. But I feel energetic at the end of these two days. Not a muscle is sore. A good 4-5 hour sleep is better than rolling in bed for more than 8 hours.
  • It is a challenge definitely when you have children and they are growing up. They are the first and foremost in importance. However, try to get them outside as well. Parties, fun-time at play parks, movies are all okay but not too often. Children need to get to understand and feel nature. Getting them out in the nature is a great habit for them to develop. In times of need when faced with a challenge, getting out in the open has a magical effect on one’s thinking and ability to deal with a challenge. Physical activity is also key to strengthening.  Don’t take on the challenge of getting your children involved in everything and try to be best at everything. You should help them choose a couple of hobbies or interests they should pursue while they excel really well at those. The rest time should be in developing their selves and helping them understand themselves. Being out in the open is a great way to connect with them.

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