Morning ride at Evansburg State Park

Remembered an old Kannada favorite from the movie Chandanada Gombe starring Ananth Nag and Lakshmi. It was a great ride. Close to a two hour leisurely ride covered some park roads and some off track, at the trails in the park.  Google maps took me to two dead ends before I could get to the picnic area near the park office. The trails were nothing close to Nockamixon I did a few weeks earlier. The tracks are mainly used by horse riders and I could see quite a bit of their droppings on the way. Well, it is all nature anyway. Otherwise the tracks were mostly dirt and pocked with tree roots. Some low spots were soggy due to standing water, but it could have been a week or so since any rain. They were wet, but there were smaller tracks around them. I had read that the tracks were lined on either side with poison ivy but didn’t have any issues. As I was riding a few of these tracks, an old Kannada favorite of mine came to mind. Here it is.

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