Evening calm

The calm of the evening as the sun sets is unparalleled. The transition from activity to eagerness or even apprehensiveness for the next day is what dusk brings about. For some people it is welcome. For some it could be fear of what the next day or week might bring about. For me a long week lies ahead. A couple of deliverables with not so much defined planned is what makes me uneasy. I couldn’t handle the anxiety in any better way than to spend outdoors and let mother nature dwarf my challenge. It was a great weekend and I can still feel the ache in my arm the result of them resting on the bicycle handle bar on the 2 1/2 hour ride over the two days. Nothing like an early morning ride as it springs up the day ahead in front of you. With the mind awash in a fresh bout of energy one is better prepared to handle the relatively longer day as compared to those who choose to make it shorter for themselves. I thought I would make through the last uphill to the parking lot today but that wasn’t the case to be. I ended up winded just falling short. About six stops in all on the six-mile ride. It is exhilarating to feel the rush of air as you go down another downhill. It is only in biking where you are determined to make the uphill so that you can enjoy the ride down. Where else would enjoy the ride down. In a roller coaster, one might be afraid to go the top in fear of what lies next. In life a ride downhill is never welcome. As you rush through the decline, you are almost afraid that you might be going too fast to enjoy it at all. Such is a mixed sense of caution and anticipation.


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