Attachment and expectations are two bad things

disappointmentislandDisappointment Island is off the coast of New Zealand. But you don’t have to go so remote to find disappointment! 🙂

In a professional world, you are expected to set expectations properly. You are also expected to be the perfect team player. That means, it doesn’t matter what you are in the organization and what your title is, you are expected to play the role that you are meant to serve in the team. In times of need, one might have to put multiple hats on to serve the team. Taking this same approach in life is probably not the best thing to do. In a group of friends, the sense of a team doesn’t exists as much unless you are real close friends and understand each other extremely. This is because there is no sense of shared goals. Each has their own interest and life perhaps. What is of interest to one isn’t the same for the other, though any of these interests could be a good thing. In such a setting of diverse but common friends, you should not have expectations that your interests, however good, might be good for everyone. For example there could be enthusiasm to go to a movie or a party among the group, but there might not be similar interest in going on a hike or an outdoor activity even though the latter might be more of a healthier activity. Such expectations will surely lead to disappointments. Another factor for such disappointment is attachment. Yoga teaches that you be detached. But that is easier said than done, I guess. It is possible to be detached a lot of times or most of the time in your life. But those remaining moments where you become attached can be a killer of your own spirit.

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