The Weekend as it was

Saturday morning, 7:00 AM. I realized that the alarm didn’t go off. I knew I had it set at 6:40 AM. When I looked at my smartphone I realized that it was still on Pacific time. Anyway half hour was good enough to get up, make some coffee, pack my 70-200mm and a spare battery and head out to the park. It was a 10 minute drive. The past week had started the same way as the prior weeks. Lots of unknown and unsure how things were going to pan out. Each week, the end was better than the start but with more challenges ahead. When you are faced with a challenge, it is a good idea to sleep on it if you have the time. What appears to be an uphill task later on pans out to be so much of such a task. The apprehension of facing it causes a distortion of reality, I guess and makes it more stressful. And when the mind is stressed, solutions don’t come easily. Hence it is best to look at a challenge with a calm, balanced mind.

The Schuylkill creek trail is a five-mile loop at Evansburg state park. The trail is fairly easy one bordering on the creek. It was a muggy morning. Not the best day to hike, but the lure of an early morning walk for a workout is always welcoming to me. The creek gets through the woods with slopes on either side. The creek itself was stagnant and not very appealing. Near Germantown Pike, we came across the water at its shallowest maybe but it was moving and hence appealing enough to sit down near the banks. Surprisingly didn’t see any fish at all, but lot of small spiders were making a mark on the water. We had to turn back at the water as we couldn’t cross even the narrowest section which was about 60-70 feet and deep enough without stones close together. Afraid of getting wet we turned back. There were a few morning walkers with their dogs. A couple were on their horses. Somewhere near the middle of the hike, we crossed across an open field which was resplendent in the morning sunlight. Overall there was nothing spectacular but all through was  a welcome walk. At the end, I could feel body aches that felt good. Yes, good! You know you got a good workout when the muscles are just sore enough that they don’t hurt.

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