Not a good start..

The weekend would start like this - At Norristown Farm park

The weekend would start like this – At Norristown Farm park

The Consulting world is mostly mobile Monday through Thursdays. Many are on the road more than this. Flights from coast to coast twice a week can take a toll on one’s biological clock as well as functions. Food timings go awry and don’t even mention sleep. I am happy if I can get a solid 4-5 hour sleep.

Say your project has been delayed by over six weeks. And say, the status was Yellow last week in your weekly call. Be prepared to be questioned even though you have made every attempt to convey the status to everyone involved for as long as you know. When you think everyone knows, there will be someone who will question you totally forgetting all the conversations. Such a situation can be stressful. Especially if you are out to head back home on the thursday and you just don’t know what the end result of the discussion will be when you get back home. Even if you think you know all the details to justify such a status, it will take quite an effort to come up with another round of convincing explanations. People tend to forget and gloss over many a status calls.

Lesson to learn is that some things like a status change needs a serious discussion with all the parties involved together. It seems simple. However, when you are stuck in the day-to-day muck, the time elapse will seem minimal. It takes someone to step back and relook at things. This ability to re-evaluate on a constant basis is what will make you stand out.

The storm while driving back home from the airport was severe. How severe it was I could only know a few days later when we stepped down to the basement. The water didn’t seep in through the walls, but through the egress door. Bad enough to cause some water logging on the newly laid out floor. I had to take a call at midnight after picking up my son from his college for a visit back home. Driving through zero visibility after a six-hour flight and a half hour delay can be a challenge at the end of the day. Add to this a half-hour delay in taking off. Maintaining composure is of essence when you know life can be in danger. Finally the 40 or so mile drive ended when we reached home safely. It was such a relief to eat some great food even though it was past midnight.

Friday morning I got the timelines all lined up to come up with a possible new end-date. Working for a west coast client can be challenging if you are from the east coast. There will be work you can start off early, but the day ends late – surely by three hours at least! The IT world must have some of the most stressed out people by sheer volume. I know they say dentists are the most stressed out and the suicidal rates are higher in that category. In the IT world, it isn’t really suicide-driven, but you can imagine the toll when one is bearing a higher degree of stress through an extended time such as six months or even year or more.

I was glad to finish the Friday and walk out to the yard and check out the vegetables. I plucked out a red apple only to find the other side of it was eaten up. I did manage to pick another one. There were many okras all green and radiant – free from pesticides. That is the beauty of growing your own vegetables. I was eagerly looking forward to the weekend as I had an Amazon delivery due that would bring in an amplifier. The mixer output was very feeble and I could not mask out the external noise when I would sing. This would cause me to strain to hear the tracks. This becomes a bigger issue when you have many people in the room. Thus I needed an amp. After a lot of research and finally giving up on a bluetooth transmitter and receiver, I settled on a FIO A6 model. This would amplify the output from the mixer and I could attach it to the headphones.



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