Landing on a jolt

Meditation is probably the best tool man has ever found to reconnect with one’s self. I have found that it is hard for me to connect to God in a temple but it is much easier to connect with Him when I meditate.

20150827_115248The flight from Philly to London was a bit delayed. The British Airlines lounge was a decent place to sit down and wait for the boarding. As always, the boarding process left something to be desired. The huge 787 has a good amount of head room space, but the leg room isn’t adequate. I wonder if we ever will have days in this industry where they throw a good treat on you without charging for it – whether it is extra baggage or more leg room. About an hour of listening to some melodies that I had listed as probables for our next singing party, I decided to check out the movies listing. Furious 7 didn’t grab my attention after the first thirty minutes.  I switched to PK, the Amir Khan starrer and watched through most of it. The movie is certainly an eye opener when it comes to religious rituals and the recent wave of God men in India. Food was good and more than one’s real need and we landed in London on time. The BA lounge was again a welcome place to stretch your legs. Travelling for work has its benefits though some of the perks can be easily bought for a price and life made simpler.

20150831_180920The airplane from London to Bangalore had telltale signs of equipment discrimination. The air craft seats were faded beyond use and the video monitors on our side of the plane wasn’t working at all. This actually worked in our favor. Some folks decided to move into seats where they were working and we got more space. I didn’t care of any movies. The thoughts of distancing from dear friends on some whatsapp groups was in the back of my mind. I had decided to exit a couple of group – the communications in there wasn’t working for me. I had made a lot of effort to get the group involved in outdoor activities but the response was poor. After some point trying to pitch a line, you start to feel nobody cares for what you are doing and that is the point one must stop. So I started this other Inspire Outdoors group with a few friends who are more active. This new group turned out to be a blessing and we have been either biking or hiking every weekend for the past six weeks. It has been great. Weekend yoga has taken a backseat during this summer as attendance had been very low. I feel sorry that I am unable to teach those two or three folks who are keen on practicing regularly, but teaching to an empty room with one or two remotely participating isn’t very motivating and effective use of time.

We landed in Bangalore to a jolt. Unlike ten years back, the airport is now a vastly different one being on par with many other international airports. Immigration was quick though a lady walked in from the other side of the booth and bogged down the process. Customs clearance didn’t make much of a fuss about some extra gold we had packed for attending a wedding. It was nice to find close family members waiting for receiving us. We were in Bangalore yet again. Being back in the town you grew up is always a new experience no matter what remains the same.

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