After a much needed sleep – the jetlag was still preventing a good one with all the travel added, I got up early at around 4:30 AM. I decided to just step out of the room and listen to the sea. It was 4:50 AM when I reached the benches at the top of the grounds. You would get a great view of the Arabian sea spanning over 180 degrees. The sound of the waters crashing below on the rocks and the shore was the only thing keeping the calmness of the early morning from pervading. I thought I will sit down and meditate. It took me just about two minutes to realize I couldn’t meditate anymore. My head was still cloudy if not heavy from the jet lag. A few breaths in and out, however deep, wasn’t enough to inspire clarity or calmness in the mind. I gave up and decided to do some sun salutations. The sky was still dark and I was hoping to catch the early morning glory of the sky. Later on I realized the sky was wrapped all through in clouds. I found a flat spot of grass on the lawn and finished 10 of the salutations. It reminded me how out of shape I was. I had decided to do Sun Salutation daily just a couple of days before. Today was the day I increased the count from six to ten. Sun Salutations need to be performed a bit more briskly than other asanas. It is a great way to get cardiovascular exercise in Yoga. With my heart racing at the end of the ten, I sat down on the bench waiting for the Sun to rise. He hadn’t heard my salutations though yet and it took another 30 minutes before the sky started lightening up at the horizon.

20150903_061634The refreshing breeze constantly was wiping away the sweat from the humidity even in the early morning. After a good amount of walking and some unbelievably delicious breakfast, it was time to burn the calories off right from the word go. The beach below was very appealing. The earlier day we couldn’t find access to the beach thinking we were stepping onto another property only to be told today that it was part of the resort. It is always exhilarating to walk by the beach. The constant rush of water onto the feet is like a game ever going on. In fact, it will never stop, does it? We might come and pass, but these waves just don’t stop. They are more calm and consistent in what they do. A wave receding back to the waters is fascinating. The rush back seems more eager than the journey in. As we walk on the beach, I can’t but help notice the fact these waves play a game of like-you-like-you-not with us. The key is to stay just on the border. It is a very mind rejuvenating activity. If the water laps your feet, they like you and your thoughts for the moment.

IMG_5623 IMG_5626The staff at the resort were just outstanding. Our next stop was at the Veli lake. A 15 minute speed boat ride cost us about $12 for the two of us! Imagine that. All eyes were on us as we were on the boat. The boatsman was expert in creating waves and riding them as he turned back. The sway back and forth was a little unsettling at first not knowing his skills, but soon it was gone. Eight hundred rupees is a lot of money for many Indians. People come to a public park so that they don’t have to spend any money at all. The space itself, the maintained lawns and manicured gardens provide a great place for the children to play and enjoy. The entrance to the park was Rs. 10 per head. That is the equivalent of sixteen cents! The woman at the coffee shop convinced me that I should go for a cappuccino. She then turned on the machine and press the button. She handed off the coffee in a paper cup with a big smile. I read that not many people pay fifty rupees to get a coffee in this part of the country. I couldn’t help but appreciate the eagerness in her to serve. We can’t find that same eagerness to work in many highly paid employees. The concept of off shoring work, especially in the IT industry, is a hit or miss in my opinion. I haven’t found too many successes in the past 12 twelve years of work with offshore teams. There is a lot of overhead in communication on the on-shore counterparts. One has to communicate in more elaborate ways more than necessary to get something done by the time you return back to work the next morning. All this will eventually get replaced by more efficient processes. The downturn in the Indian IT industry has already started with layoff news, but that is sparse at the moment. Anything that can be done on a routine basis – more like an OR kind of scenario – it makes sense to offshore. Wherever decision making and creativity is needed and time is a crunch, it is better off paying the dollars upfront that go through months of missed deadlines.

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