Jewtown, Kerala

Jewtown is a unique town near Cochin, Kerala. It is a settlement of Jews – a colony unlike any other that I have seen. The place is lined with shops of all kinds – clothing, restaurants, jewellery, souvenirs, etc. The whole town is kept very clean and that is what stands out. As we sipped tender coconut from a street side vendor, he insisted that the straws and the empty shells be dumped in a cotton sack he had stood up by his stall. The enterprising young fellow led us through his long alley of shop to let us take a look at the synagogue. On the way back, he had us look at some jewellery and other items. The bargaining didn’t work and we stepped away only to come back and haggle for a better price. In India, make sure you negotiate or to use the better word – haggle. Haggling is a must, else you are paying through your nose!

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