A month without the pen

It is almost a month since I last blogged. Work, travel, time zone changes and weekend activities – maybe all these were the outlets that didn’t need my spirit to out let via the keyboard! A lot has happened during these weeks. Many a turbulent flight – one pretty scary landing at SFO when it had just rained after four years (?) -, status upgrades in the least favorite airline in America, status upgrade to one of the most favorite hotel chains in America, 16 hour Mondays, stressful weeks, great physical activity, many weekend hikes, a growing group of outdoor enthusiasts, no sugar diets, a bald head, a loss of six+ pounds in six weeks, sunny California, fabulous Fall…the list goes on. The weekends have been very active with many a hike at Peace Valley, Nockamixon Lake, Evansburg state park, River walk in Lower Providence, Wissahickon Creek trail and one close to home as well. A small shift in the hotel I stay has made it just a mile away from work. What this means is I could walk to work at least two days a week back and forth. I would also steal a walk after lunch during the break and I would easily meet my 100% daily steps goal. The weekend hikes/walks helped me get slimmer and the morning yoga in the hotel room 2-3 times a week has gotten me stronger. In the meanwhile a friend of mine, who was apparently all healthy, had a heart attack just reminding me that no matter how conscious I can be of health, it is all not in my control totally. A Harvard scientist who was in coma for seven days is now promoting his book of NDE (Near Death Experience) where he states that he was in a different world that was only pure love and no talking but all telepathy. If that is so, who isn’t eager to get there fast? Today the terrorist attacks in Paris left 150+ dead and the world just deals with these attacks trying to mete out justice to the terrorists. Why don’t we just give them a tit-for-tat? Come on, with all the military might we can’t get a few thousand jihadists? That is plain ridiculous, right? How many more do we need to lose to make a resolution to end terrorism? As life went on with travel and work, the days back home gave my voice an opportunity to let itself out as though with a new zeal. After decades of top cover and many years of trying to figure out what hair style looks good – long, short, black, – I finally decided to throw it all out – I meant the hair. Now I am deemed a near-swamiji; someone even saw a halo round my head! Life goes on with or without blogging. I move my blog to SiteGround from Bluehost. Siteground support is more awesome and quicker. I can get onto a chat within minutes and a bit cheaper. They also give me a domain free as long as I host with them. I am covered for at least three more years of blogging irrelevant personal stuff that no one reads for less than $150. On the journey of hunting for hosts, I landed up at Network Solutions for a few days. They signed me up for 4 bucks a month, but the sales person didn’t tell me that they charge $120 per year for FTP service – totally ridiculous. Both Bluehost and SiteGround include the service in the monthly charge. Work in the past six months, in the meanwhile, has had more ups and downs than all the past 24 years that I have worked. Anyway, hoping I can get onto blogging again. Here are interesting photos from past few weeks.


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