Best Solo..

Best Solo walk I have had in years. The skies were deep blue, the clouds interspersed and fluffy, the sun was bright and it was liberating. I had none a care about the past or the future. The chilly air took up to a breeze as I reached high-points on the farm. I walked by large expanses of dried up fields, with many an abandoned building or shacks. I met just four people along 3 1/2 miles. Even though the farm bordered the busy Germantown Pike, traffic was far off. The purpose of a walk it to connect with nature and with self so don’t get lost with the usual talk. What a difference from daily life as I sit at some office thousands of miles away clicking away trying to fight challenges that aren’t real challenges many times, all trying to appease some artificial goals and deadlines. These walks have been a great respite as they put perspective into priorities in life. On Saturday, we had a nice hike on the Green Ribbon trail with friends crossing a couple of streams, walking over slushy fields. Great afternoon hours for a weekend. Looking forward to more as long as the snow stays away.

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