Fighting the odds

The Holidays are here yet again! The odds are that you are going to consume more calories daily than the daily average for the rest of the season. Few tips from experience to combat this a) start getting used to drinking coffee or tea without sugar b) get on 7-day challenges. These are seven days where you do something healthy like walk 10k steps every day or not eating fried food or drinking full 8 cups of water daily. You can come up with your own healthy challenge. Also instead of trying to beat the holiday challenge right on, it is best if you develop a healthy lifestyle that you follow throughout the year.

image001Went on a couple of nice hikes/walks last weekend. The Green Lake Park  is a treasure house for some of the best hikes in the region. The orange, blue and red trails surround the reservoir. The red trail starts on Knight Road. You get there by taking Rt 29 N coming from down south and make a left turn onto Knight. The parking lot is within 1/4th of a mile on the left. The red trail passes through the lot and you can go either north-east or south-west. Suggest you take the NE entry which is across the parking on the other side of Knight Rd. The Red Trail ends at Ward road and Knight and meets the Blue trail. You would have cover one side of the water body; the Blue and the Orange along with the Perkiomen trail envelopes the lower body of water covering a total of 11 miles. It is an awesome hike with a few stream crossing and several uphill climbs. The length of the loop makes it worthwhile – we did this is 4 1/2 hours at an easy pace. The trails themselves are easy-moderate in difficulty. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this to a beginner – maybe they could just do part of the trail and get back to the parking. If you want to go in a group, you should plan so that you park a car at each of the 2 or 3 lots on Knight, Ward and near the boathouse. This way those who can’t complete the loop can plan on an earlier exit. The views are very nice with mostly wooded areas. There was an area of bamboos that stood out near the Ward road parking lot as they were contrastingly green compared to the dried out trees. Here are some photos of the hike.

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