Outlets that suck up creativity?

Nuetabl A7Of late I find that I am not writing anything. After thinking about it for some time, I think the reason is all the outlets I am having now-a-days i.e., the digital outlets. Facebook for sure was one and I stopped being active on it and I resorted back to writing. Nowadays it is Whatsapp. Posting thoughts on Whatsapp just lets my creativeness go away. Once out in any means, that is it – I can’t find that desire to write anymore. Otherwise I would have been writing about anything.

For e.g., I got a new 7″ tablet – a brand hardly known called Neutab. In the past I would have spent some time writing all about it. Now that I talk about it, the tablet is a good value for $60! It has a sleek look with an aluminum like back; it is relatively thin and light. The display, though proclaimed HD, is 1280×600 and leaves something to be desired. I had to get a new tablet for my Lenovo 8″ A1 was getting to be over 5 years old. I used the Lenovo to play karaoke tracks off meragana.com in my family room. Since we finished the basement, I had set up a surround sound speaker system and pulled out my super condenser mike and the yamaha cg102 mixer to hook them up for a stage like setting down there. I spent some time checking out that I was getting 5.1 stereo sound. There are many YouTube videos that produce 5.1 sound. Initially I was able to hear the sound on all the five speakers well. A couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t hear the rear speakers kicking in. Not sure what happened. I could hear from the front and center speakers. The Bose subwoofer has electronic circuitry that pumps sound to rear speakers. The front and center speakers get the sound pass through. I could make this out as I had the subwoofer connected and could hear the front and center speakers producing sound. I shipped off the subwoofer to the Bose repair center at a cost of nearly $200 including shipping. Well, it is about 15 years since I got the Bose Acoustimass 15 system and I had no packaging left. It took me an hour and a half to pack the subwoofer with styrofoam pulled from a recent TV packaging.  I was relieved when Bose confirmed receipt of the package without any issue.

Without the subwoofer, I put together the now idle Singing MAchine 1028N back and kept the practice sessions going. Now with a second karaoke setup at home, it turned out to be a hassle to move the tablet up and down whenever I wanted to sing. Thus I had ordered the Nuetab. Setting up a tablet with all the apps takes a while. I don’t back up apps to Google drive – maybe it would be easier that way. Some apps bought at Amazon.com or on app websites was too much of a hazzle to restore. iSyncr from Amazon cannot be restored anymore; I ended up buying it on Google Play after spending an hour researching how to use Amazon.com to restore the purchase. Power Amp, which was my favorite music app till I found it wouldn’t work with syncing ratings back to iTunes, from their website a bit more easier. I had the fully licensed app installation file in one of my emails. Syncing my music – just the karaoke tracks – to the new tablet took about 3 hours!! The sound output from the Nuetab is fine. Still waiting for the subwoofer to come back.

Buying non-branded items have their own risk. After receiving delivery of the tablet, I wanted to check its specs again. Visiting Amazon.com, I couldn’t find the product listed anymore!! Amazon customer service asked me to contact the seller to update the page on Amazon’s website. Something they should be doing. I wrote back to customer service. Another representative acknowledged that it was on Amazon to follow-up and gave me a month’s extension on my prime membership. But the product details isn’t still available. Hoping I won’t run into issues – wish me luck.

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