Keeping it up

dscf0056_23213612864_oWhatever goal you are trying to achieve, one thing for sure is that you need to keep your efforts up. There will be failures on the way. These shouldn’t discourage you, but instead strengthen your resolve to better yourself.  I recently recording one of my songs and was disappointed how it sounded. It put me off so much that I wanted to just give up. It took me a while to break out of the disappointment. As I started re-listening to the recording, I realized that it was a basic problem amongst others. The lack of breath support. When you listen to a song in a movie, you just don’t realize the effort the singer puts into it. All you hear is the smooth voice and variations. They are done so well that it appears easy. But nothing ain’t easy, right? There is a LOT of effort that goes into getting that desired output. For one, it is filling up your lungs with air. This is what provides the ‘cushion’ for the sound to keep up its energy. Without the breath support, the voice will fall flat. It is like when you speak using an indoor voice – you aren’t using the capacity of your lungs. In order for the sound to carry through, you have to fill in your lungs, and keep the lungs from collapsing as you sing. If the lung collapses, the air rushes out in a whiff and rest of the sentence will sound flat.  The second issue I noticed was that I wasn’t singing with an open mouth. A closed mouth is like a silencer, it muffles the sound. With an open mouth, the sound resonates in the mouth cavity and the resonation carries the sound forward. Sound waves expand when they travel and hence their reach. If they don’t have room for expansion, they can’t travel enough.

With above two realizations, I tried singing again. The recording sounded a LOT better. I was able to hear my voice much more clearly (open mouth) and I liked the energy portrayed in the voice a LOT better. These two lessons aren’t new. These are fundamental to singing and was part of my lessons, but it takes a while to put them to practice when you don’t do it regularly.

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