Life is short

A dear friend passed away untimely. He was someone I would go outdoors with frequently. Shiva loved outdoors. He recently had gotten inspired into singing. Anything physical he would be up for it. I remember last Thanksgiving Day, he planned to get up early to drive up to Allentown for a hike; instead he went on the Red Trail at Green Lane Park for a 4 hour walk. He then joined us at the Norristown Farm park for another couple of hours. He was very enthusiastic at the end of the walk though a bit tired. He used to state that his outdoor activities had helped him so much from getting away from life’s stresses. He was a simple man always thinking of how much he needs to help his family back home. This was even though he went above and beyond helping them. This always bogged him down – what his relatives thought of him. I will miss him dearly. Everytime I take a hike, he is bound to be with me always appreciating even the simplest of tasks I used to do. Rest In Peace and look out for me!

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