Bumping up yoga

Last year teaching yoga occupied many weekends well into Aug right from the beginning of the year. I used to go to friend’s homes every weekend and we would have a few of us practice Yoga. After I started the outdoors group and activity, outdoors has taken over as it is more fun, more time spent for the drive – all in all, people like outdoors more than yoga. As fall started I was hoping outdoors will wean down due to the weather, but mother nature has been very accommodating this part of the country and well into December, January in fact, outdoors has been going on. I even put down the shutters on the whatsapp group for the season but have managed to get in 3 more hikes. With these walks, counting the number of steps and posting to the group had picked up.

At the New Year’s party, people got onto the dance floor and a few had their smart phone with them. Guess what, the number of steps for the day shot up to a record for a couple of them 🙂 Apparently, people enjoying doing anything that is fun. Dancing and outdoors is definitely more fun than yoga. If you are well-bent on your health, you would definitely keep all these in your mix. For the rest, the appeal of being inside on a mat for an hour doesn’t just work out. Given dancing also gives one a workout, I started a group for dancing but with a fitness focus. The idea here is to meeting once in a while, and incorporate dance to keep up our awareness of health & fitness. In the process I explored a few YouTube videos. The first one to catch my attention was Bipasha Basu’s 30 min workouts. They are great. I tried it for a couple of days. The problem is there is so much movement that needs to be in sync with the music, it is not for people who want to walk in a try out a routine. You need to spend a month at least to get to know the movements and the overall routine. But it does get your heart pumping through the thirty minutes. I them came across a few Jillian Michael’s videos on YouTube. These are definitely more physical. Since most of our focus is in reducing the fat in the middle, Jillian’s  focus gets right in line with ours. The 6-week, six-pack abs workout is just awesome. There is not so much keep up with the music here. I tried it a couple of times and found it to my liking. Of course, I couldn’t go past the 11 minute mark which tells me I need a lot of ground to cover.

jillianMichaelsI am attempting to make my yoga classes more appealing. Thus I have started to combine a bit of physical workout with yoga. Today was the first day. With this change, we had our hearts racing for about 20-25 minutes before we started to slow down. We continued with focus on the abs for the rest of the class. This is a new start for me and am hoping to get this working to make the classes more attractive.

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