At last the switch

iphone6-plus-box-silver-2014_GEO_USIt has been nearly ten years since I started using a smart phone. I had started off with a Samsung Infuse 4S. This was a great phone and it still is. Since then I have passed through a Galaxy 3S and a 4S. Last year I switched to the LG G4. It was a great phone. It had a very good camera – the camera was so good in daylight that I never felt I had to lug my heavy DSLR around which I used to do on every occasion. Eight days ago, the G4 died on me. Luckily it did its last service to me when I needed. I was in San Ramon visiting family and had to get back to my hotel near San Jose. After dinner and when I started back, I realized my phone was low on battery. As soon as I turned Google Maps on, it drained and blacked out. This had happened a couple of times before. So I waited in the car till it charged to 5%, but it drained again the moment I started it. This went on. After nearly 30-35 minutes of waiting and charging, I got it up to 9%. It then booted and went into a validating apps mode where it started to validate all of the 90+ apps. I finally got directions and I got back to the hotel. It was behaving well until on my journey back, at 15%, it just died on me. Poor me. I tried my best to revive it with the spare charger and at the airport, but I wasn’t successful.

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Luckily I keep a spare phone and was able to keep communications on. The spare was my first smart phone – the Infuse. It still had battery after being sleeping for over 4 months! I did some research and tried a few things – like blowing air into the charging port, etc. Nothing really worked. I then read this is a known problem – LG had acknowledged a loose connection in its hardware. I called T-Mobile and they agreed to replace the phone after a lot of soft-threats – like I need to pay $250 if there was water damage and/or $250 for screen damage, etc. Cutting the story short, I went to a local store thinking I will decide if I will pick up a replacement G4 or consider another phone. My wife had suggested I should go for an iPhone as I had long been talking about owning one. Let me give some history. I have known Apple since 2003 when I started investing in its stock. I had made some hefty profits in 2004. Again investing in it (some more) in 2005-2010, the profits had multiplied. I had felt I owe one to Apple to own a iPhone myself. My wife had gotten an iPhone 3 years back and she has had no problem with it whatsoever so far. And my G4 dies on my after about eight months. I had paid nearly $450 for it. Such a waste of time and money. One look at the iPhone 6 Plus and I decided I won’t waste any more effort on an Android anymore. It is good that you can customize an Android, but with customization and upgrades and the many stores and the apps policy, I have spent considerable time in transferring apps whenever I switch to a new Android. I also had my music collection in iTunes. Syncing my android to iTunes,while do-able, has taken a lot of effort from me. And I am on the tech-savvy side.

Enough said, after 12 years being an Apple investor, I finally made the switch. I find while I can’t customize the look of the phone, there are many apps that do a lot of me. The screen is gorgeous. Surprisingly as many have commented, the 6 plus didn’t feel huge in my hands. I am loving it!

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