Spring time

2016-04-07_115415702_26C36_iOSSpring time means get ready for the summer. This means plant those tomatoes, chillies, peppers and okra inside the home to nurture them for transplanting close to Memorial weekend. This is exactly what I did this week. And within two days, they were sprouting. What a beautiful sight to see – those tender stems eager to stand on their own in broad sunlight. They looked like they were ready for the sundance! What else did I do.  For the first time in my life, I took a two stop flight back home from SJC to PHL. Stops at Denver and then at Chicago. Denver is a very nice airport. The inside is packed with nice shops and eateries. While I need to hunt for good food, being a vegetarian, at the Philly airport or even at SFO, it isn’t the same at Denver. 2016-04-01_165429999_3919B_iOSMany good coffee shops and then Mexican too. I recently switched to United from American and the experience has been positive. I know both are at the bottom of their league, but the leg room in United is much more even for coach class. And they treated me nicely with a few first class upgrades and service. Oh, by the way, United is giving out a snack pack again along with complimentary drinks! American still needs to wake up. United planes are way neater than American as well. Here is a shot of the Denver area as we ascended to the skies. Colorado must be a nature lover’s paradise with the mix of mountains, water and mid-western American living. When I come back home, it is a disadvantage in a sense. I wake up east coast time and work late pacific coast time adding to an average of 12 hours per day easily. 16 hour days aren’t uncommon. You would think I can get a lot accomplished with such hours; keep thinking :).

Of late, I had almost stopped writing. I guess the reason is digital social media. Once I post on say Facebook or Whatsapp, a thought dies away. What I could write a few paragraphs about is all lost once the punch is delivered. So I am retracting from social media nowadays. And it is helping. Of course, I feel I am not participating, but you got to give up some to gain some. Moreover writing a blog that very few people read is an advantage. You don’t feel judged or regret saying something at the spur of the moment. Blog is like a one-way journey, you put it out there for whoever that could gain something out of it. If it is a heavily trafficked blog, that is another story.

2016-04-01_094531000_1E99F_iOSI was thinking over the past 16 years of my hobbies. Every few years there has been a new one. First it was investing. This ran for about 12 years. In the middle I picked up writing. This blog started sometime in 2007 I think. I had become creative with writing, after I penned some poems too. Then it was photography for a few years. Even now, I like to take my camera out on a vacation or for helping out at a friend’s event. Singing started in 2011 and it still continues. All along, Yoga has been a constant; even today I do yoga.

When I am travelling at a client site, I do get my workout. I averaged about 10K steps every day. The weather is conducive. Secondly, the client office is huge and I walk a lot to get to meeting rooms and even across buildings and floors. Then when it comes to dinner time, I can walk back and forth. All put together it is more a healthy away-from-home in a physical sense. When at home, I average about a pathetic 1000 steps or less. Even if I just step out to the yard, I add about 1.5K steps. Thus at home, I become a weekend warrior and go for a hike on a Saturday or a Sunday to make up for the passive work-style.

That’s it for today. I have an opportunity to write in the upcoming weekend. Will post.

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