The next morning was training time for her. We headed to the breakfast tent. Good thing about being in a resort is you walk a lot even to get food. Friday, walking at the airports and then at the resort, I had counted about 10,770 steps. Today was going to be even better. After breakfast, I strolled out for my walk. I had checked with the concierge about things to do. She had mentioned taking a bus to old city. It would cost me 7.5 pesos. A taxi, on the other hand, would cost me 130 pesos!! What a difference. In dollar terms, a taxi ride was ten bucks – not bad for a 20 minute ride. I decided to go to old town later with her and headed for my walk. I strolled through the boulevard lined with many other resorts and ventured onto the marina. By the time I was back, it was about 95 minutes of walking. Sitting back on the beach chair, I got my share of Words with Friends. Then lunch was better as there was adequate seating. Post lunch, it was siesta time. I was woken up to a cup of coffee that she had managed to get me walking almost a quarter mile. It didn’t matter that it had turned cooler.

We took the taxi to old town. Getting off, walking around wasn’t the most comfortable thing to do. Mexico should be a male dominated dominion. We had eyes staring much like those college days back home. We managed to get off the old city and found a young women helpful in giving directions to the cathedral. There was a memorial service going on for a recently passed sister, who had died in her late 90s. It was good to hear the organ amidst the high ceiling. We then walked back to the shoreline that was impeccably lined with paved walkway lining the ocean. It was a beautiful sight to see the sun shimmering off the waters stretching out to the far-away horizon. A stop at an smoothie shop to cool down wasn’t very helpful. We headed back to the resort after a bit of shopping. The stores clearly state that you pay if you break with the many porcelain souvenirs overflowing the baskets. I did end up paying two dollars for a small breakage. Something to remember!

Dinner was at the tent with some lively music and dancing. Many local versions of the dances kept the audience engaged. The host made a smart move to invite some of the audience onto stage and kept them an extra 30 minutes longer. By the time we we back in the room, my step count was 19,555!

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