Unreal day

It was cloudy mostly yesterday – gloomy and dark. It was even very windy and at one point I thought I will see a tornado touch down in our backyard. There is so much open space, it feels like a risk – but this is just my feeling. Towards the evening suddenly there was a spurt of the sun and half the backyard was lit up so bright that is was very unreal to see the split of the brightness and the shadow together – a stark contrast.  After a lackadaisical work week where I hit a lot of just 850 steps on Thursday, I managed to inch up my activity Friday with a bit of walking in Philadelphia helping my son prepare for his move out. He finished his under grad and is planning to pursue higher studies. During the week, we managed to drive to Philly and get lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant – Kaffa – on Walnut near 35th. The food was by far the healthiest food I have eaten in any Philly restaurant. There was a lot of vegetables and the bread called Injira. Need to look up what Injira. Well, I just looked it up and it is made out of a grain local to Ethiopia – called Teff. It has a mildly sour taste and a bit on the spongier side. The vegetables that we ordered is laid out on the injira on a plate. The plate is common for the table. I guess you can ask for separate plates but we were good with it. With the order, we also got separate Injiras. The food wasn’t fatty nor creamy as I usually find in an Indian restaurant. Need to go back again.

Unreal split of brightness and darkness after a mostly dark and cloudy day.

Unreal split of brightness and darkness after a mostly dark and cloudy day.

After a late night drive back in, I got up and say a bright sunny outside. I could barely sit down to sip my cup of joe when I decided I2016-05-15_160612000_5B39F_iOS should get my walk anyway. I headed to the Norristown Farm Park. Only when I got out of the car did I realize it was really windy. The temperature should have been around 45 with the wind chill. I had just a thin T-shirt on and decided I will brave it. I came across just a handful of people on the 4 1/2 mile walk. I took my time really speaking as I wanted to try out my new selfie stick. The Anker Selfie stick I got cost me well below ten buck and is worth having anytime you step out for a walk or on a vacation. On a recent trip to Washington DC I realized a selfie stick is a must. It is tricky to hold the phone in your hand and get a selfie that encompasses all of the surroundings you want.  The same day when I was back home, I did my research and honed in on the Anker. You can also get a Bluetooth selfie stick that has no wires, but you need to charge the stick and I read about unreliability of the Bluetooth clicks. The Anker has the wire tucked into the core of the stick and hence you don’t see loose wires hanging. The only issue is if you are listening to music, you will need to pull of the headphones off the jack and connect the stick.

I managed to get some good shots with the selfie. The low clouds adds a bit of drama to the photo. The park has water running in several places and saw a couple of early morning anglers. I went down to the water and snapped a couple on photos myself. A local baseball team was practicing for an upcoming morning match. All-in-all, I took about 90 minutes to cover the 4.5 miles. When I came back home I was feeling energetic looking at the upcoming day – it was my son’s graduation ceremony and I was looking forward to being there.


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